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With features like Access Control, Remote Gas Detection, Communication, People & Asset Tracking, and an advanced Control Room, X3VISION ensures unparalleled safety, eliminating the need for costly attendants and providing continuous monitoring for a secure and efficient work environment.

Confined Space Monitoring

Confined spaces present challenges, and safety is paramount. X3VISION's digital confined space monitoring allows real-time observation, communication, and registration of individuals entering and leaving these spaces.It eliminates the need for costly attendants and offers enhanced safety.Each node is equipped with an 18-hour self-contained battery pack, offering a reliable power source for uninterrupted operation.

Access Control

X3VISION's Area Access Management ensures controlled access during turnarounds and shutdowns. Using badge readers on tourniquets, barriers, and turnstiles, access is restricted to accredited personnel, promoting safety and efficiency.

Remote Gas Detection

Working in confined spaces poses risks related to atmospheric composition. X3VISION's remote gas detection identifies gases such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, and methane, ensuring early detection without on-site measurements. Values exceeding limits trigger alarms and are continuously communicated to the command center for online sharing and data analysis.


Two-way communication at badge in/out points allows for verbal interaction with workers upon registration. The noise-canceling capability ensures clear communication even in loud environments, enhancing overall communication effectiveness.

Walkie-talkie being useful for communication between staff

People & Asset Tracking

Tracking people and assets enhances safety and efficiency during maintenance. X3VISION's RFID-based tracking solution enables real-time location monitoring, reducing the risk of lost or misplaced assets and ensuring the safety of individuals within the plant.


Control Room


A single Control Room operator (CRO) and one Field Operator (FO) can manage up to 24 cameras or 12 confined spaces. Incorporating night vision technology enables capturing images in dark and dusty environments, ensuring optimal performance under varied conditions. Our system also provides excellent capabilities for adhering to permit conditions and utilizing robust reporting tools.

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Gaining comprehensive insights into the work area, facilitated by advanced confined space monitoring technology, becomes imperative for mitigating risks and providing prompt assistance to workers when needed.